Ache Din aa gaye!


Ab roz Jeeto! Introducing, for the first time ever in India, Daily to Monthly Leaderboard. 1Cr++ to be won in prizes from 3rd August to 3rd September.

How do I win?

Ache Din leaderboard lets you redeem your prizes at any point of time. Just play on the cash tables to generate VIP points and there is no need to compete for the entire month. Hit the milestone and take home the prizes. This is our way of giving FLAT RAKE BACK to our players.

What can I win?

*Harley Davidson Street 750/ Maruti Suzuki Baleno 1.5L
*Kawasaki Ninja/Renault Kwid 90K
*APT Package(Monsterstack+Main Event)/KTM RC 200 60K
*APT Package(Main Event)/Thunderbird 350x 45K
*BLT Package (Gold) 20K
*BLT Package (Silver) 17K
*BLT Package (Bronze) 15K
*Macbook Air/Iphone8 12.5K
*Samsung 43 inch TV/One Plus 128GB 9K
*PlayStation4 1TB/Ipad 7K
*Bose Portable Speakers/Bose Wireless Earphones 6K
*Armani Smartwatch/Go Pro/Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones 4.5K
*15000/- 3.5K
*10000/- 2.5K
*4000/- 1K
*2000/- 500
*1000/- 250


Click here to see the Leaderboard

Terms & Conditions:

  • A player needs to hit specific VIP points milestones to redeem the prizes
  • Leaderboard is applicable across all the stakes
  • TDS of 30% will be applicable on all leaderboard winnings
  • During happy hours, from 8am to 12pm, VIP points will be multiplied by 1.5.
  • In case the player does not want to take the gadgets, real money chips will be transferred to their Baadshah account
  • The winners will be asked to provide their images or interviews for social media posts as per Baadshah Gaming requirements
  • The APT and GOA packages cannot be transferred to Baadshah accounts as Real Bonus chips
  • The APT and GOA packages are transferable. The packages cannot be transferred to other site's pros as the players are required to wear Baadshah Gaming merchandise
  • Winnings can be redeemed by the player at any point of time. No need to wait for the entire month
  • Leaderboard will run for a month's time from 3rd August to 3rd September
  • GOA package will include to and fro flights, 3 star Hotel stay for 3D/2N and buy in at Casino pride
  • The gadgets will be received by the player as per the time taken by the vendor
  • APT package will include to and fro flights, 3 star Hotel stay and buy in for the specified tournament
  • Incase of any conflict, Baadshah Gaming decision will be final