Bullet Leaderboard

Login Name BulletPoints
Mohak07 47.25
rahul981 31.5
BrainChild 31.5
spacecadet 31.5
lilmessi 31.5
MujheMatRoko 15.75
RealPro 15.75
champhiyan 15.75
sagarpupul 15.75
Dipshah 15.75
StuTheKidUngar 15.75

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1. Runner up gets tickets for the entire week to Dus ka Dum and Cutting Chai tournament

2. Promotion is applicable for all the tournaments running on Baadshah Gaming

3. 1 point is awarded for every 100/- buy-in of the tournament

4. The leaderboard will refresh every week on Monday

5. The bullets will be counted till the last tournament held on Sunday

6. All the winnings will be credited as tickets to the player's account

7. In case of any conflict, Baadshah Gaming decision will be final

8. Baadshah Gaming can use pictures of the winners for sharing it on social media platforms