Withdrawal Policy Terms and Conditions:


The cashout amount requested shall be directly transferred to the default Bank Account that is mentioned

at the time of KYC.Incase of any incorrect details furnished (such as wrong account number,incorrect IFSC Code

and Bank Details), resulting in an incorrect tranfer, Baadshah Gaming shall not be held liable for the same.

For those who want to have theirdefault account number changed, please send an email to 

cashier@baadshahgaming.com requesting the change.   


Section 194 B claims that all the winnings above 10,000 in a financial year should be charged with 30% of TDS.

Baadshahgaming charge 30% TDS for winnings above  10,000.We provide you with your TDS certificate after every financial year. For any issue you can write us at support@baadshahgaming.com.